iMFLUX provides innovative solutions for our customers by drawing on more than 2000 combined years of industry expert experience, a culture of making the impossible possible, and a state of the art facility.  iMFLUX’s core technical competencies include: polymer processing, machine control software and hardware, mold design and fabrication, materials expertise, metrology & analytics, and industrial design.  This unique combination of technical expertise all under one roof, provides our customers a one-stop solution to some of the most difficult engineering challenges the industry faces.  These capabilities are currently being leveraged to provide major productivity increases, resolve problem molding applications, enable the use of injection molding for non-traditional applications, and creating new part designs that previously were considered impossible.  Just a few recent examples include helping a customer run a tool in a 400-ton press that previously required a 700-ton press, moving a customer to a significantly lower cost material not previously possible to mold in the same tool, resolving balance issues in a 16-cavity tool without having to touch steel or change the hot runner, shrinking cold runner volume by >50% while increasing throughput, and  delivering +25% resin reduction for parts via thin-walling not possible in conventional molding.