The iMFLUX software and team deliver a 20-25% average throughput benefit for our customers on their existing assets (presses and tools) with the same or better quality parts.  We can deliver this disruptive benefit because our software is developed by world-class process, controls and software engineers, mold designers and quality experts.  This breadth of disciplines not only results in a steady stream of software innovation driving throughput, but also delivers synergistic solutions for our customers such as:

·         Tooling designs delivering > 50% throughput increases (on average) in same size or smaller presses

·         Ability to substitute cheaper resins not possible with conventional processing and deliver superior quality solutions for engineered resins

·         Dramatically reduced (>50%) cold runners enabling superior throughput and quality

·         Greater benefits and process visibility than in-mold sensors without removing the tool from the press

·         Less part to part and cavity to cavity variation

·         Running at melt temperatures below manufacturer spec which when combined with lower pressures enables over-molding not possible or affordable today

·         Significant energy reductions

·         Breakthrough quality software solutions that increase confidence for part quality while streamlining measurement efforts