imflux plastic molding careers


imflux plastic injection molding careers
Below is a list of job opportunities currently available at iMFLUX. Please click on one of the job titles to view a job detail for the position. Within the job detail page you can click on the "Apply for This Job" link to apply for the job of your choice. For general inquiries concerning job opportunities send email to:

The Modeling and Simulation Delivery Leader will be responsible for leading the successful development and implementation of new modeling capabilities in the injection molding industry. The initial focus will be on validating and improving the filling, cooling, and fatigue analysis tools for next generation injection molding and mold technology through use in R&D and delivery programs across a wide range part materials, geometries, pressures, etc. The candidate must have experience in modeling and simulation, and a track record of delivering innovative product / package solutions and improvements via modeling and an ability to solve tough technical challenges. The candidate will be responsible to improve our capability through modeling in mold design, process startups, and problem root cause analysis, as well as communicate technical progress and challenges along the way. 

iMFLUX is already one of the foremost leaders in plastic processing technologies and is assembling the top talent in the industry.  It is one of core beliefs that our people truly are our greatest asset.  As a company and as individuals, we strive to distinguish ourselves via our character, competence, and commitment, bolstered with integrity, humility, curiosity, respect for others, passion for our work, willingness to “get our hands dirty,” and an ability to thrive in ambiguity. 

The Plastics Process Controls Engineer is responsible for end to end high performance analog controls solutions for injection molding machines.  This role will lead multiple projects from integration and construction engineering to installation and start up and commissioning of controls systems on multiple machine platforms at multiple locations.

The role will provide continued on site ongoing support for systems installed and act as a trainer to new customers in both the controls systems and operational methods.


The Program Management Leader will be responsible for providing integrated scheduling and management of all the work processes required to design and build injection molds.  This person will also be responsible for communications to the customer.


The Plastics Processing Engineer is responsible for operating and improving a breakthrough new polymer injection Molding Technology.  This role will lead startup support of this technology in multiple locations; and support ongoing development and improvement of key process parameters.


The iMFLUX Design / PLM key user’s primary responsibility is the development and continuous improvement of a state of the art manufacturing and design department . The job includes setup, operation, and support of the company’s Product Life Cycle Management program and its deployment to customers.  The Key User will establish best practices, support integration across processes, and lead change management for product evolutions.  The successful candidate will drive continuous improvement of manufacturing and design, as part of a world class injection molding Technology Company.

Remote Technical Service: Provide responsive day to day support of iMFLUX provided hardware and software located in the United States and internationally. Leading & Relating to Others: Establishes good relationships with customers and staff.


The iMFLUX Polisher operates polishing equipment to obtain desired surface finish on injection mold components machined from various industry standard mold metals, including alloy tool steels, copper and aluminum alloys. Selects appropriate methods and tools for the job; profilers, stones, files and other abrasives. Meticulously applies methods and manipulates work exercising proper pressure and duration to yield specified finish, polish and texture while maintaining critical contour and dimensional integrity. Understands mold feature functionality. 


Controls Software Developer

The candidate will work closely with the R&D community to develop, implement, test, and prove out improvements to the iMFLUX process.  Improvements will be sensing, actuation, and software based.

The candidate will need to understand how an injection machine functions, how our process works, and leverage that understanding to deliver results.  The candidate will be capable of technically functioning independently to wire, configure, and test hardware modifications to the process. 


Injection Mold Design Engineer

The Injection Mold Design Engineer is responsible to develop mold design concepts, and complete fabrication ready 3D design files. Molds are intended for very high productivity application, typically multiple cavity hot runner designs. Designers will incorporate state-of-the-art mold making technology, metallurgy, and innovative new mold design strategies. The role will involve understanding key design requirements, leading the development of mold design layouts and concepts, and fully engineering the complete mold design.


Computer Help Desk Support

MFLUX is seeking a talented and passionate resource to join the IT organization as the primary computer help desk support resource. This individual should be a self-starter, have great interpersonal skills, and be willing and able to help resolve problems across the spectrum of complexity.

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