Molders are moving back to North America when they realize savings opportunities and higher quality service(s) to their customers such as:

·         More Efficient Supply Chains – Bringing Parts and Assemblies Closer to the End Market and Reducing Transit Times.

·         Higher Quality Parts Leading to Assemblies with Better Fit and Finish, Ultimately Leading to More Satisfied Customers.

·         Longer Mold Life, Reducing Capex.

·         Ability to Call Out “Made in the USA”, Driving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.


iMFLUX’s low, constant pressure approach enables significant benefits, making the payout from such a move higher and dramatically reducing Capex.  These benefits include:

·         Up-Cavitated Molds in the Same Mold Footprint, Resulting in Fewer Molds and Presses.

·         Higher Throughput (often 20%+) Per Line, Resulting in Fewer Molds and Presses.

·         Mold Design Expertise, Leading to Innovative Part Considerations Which Drive Customer Satisfaction and Reduced Material Usage.

·         Fewer Molds and IMM’s to Deliver Significant Capex Savings and Enable a Smaller Footprint.

Leveraging iMFLUX Benefits When OnShoring